Milvian Goes Abroad

Never a dull moment in Barcelona

Sunday was such a relaxing day. My house mate and I were exhausted from exploring Tarragona the day before, so we were able to sleep in until noon! My host mom’s son and his family came over for lunch. The cool thing about when family comes over for lunch is that there’s basically a four course meal prepared. Mama Clara usually starts off with some  finger food like chips, asparagus, or even sardines, then has some sort of appetizer, main course is usually served with sangria, and lastly, dessert consists of some type of pastry with café con leche. 

My host brother has the absolute coolest daughters! They’re only 11 and 9 years old but they were really mature for their age. We had so much fun dancing and singing to One Direction! Lol!


Carlota and Paola

Hanging out with the family was much needed after a crazy weekend of meeting soccer players and exploring a new city!

Later on, Jacqueline, my intercambio, and I met up for some café con leche near the center of the city.  I haven’t seen her since the last time I posted about meeting her for the first time so it was fun catching up with her!

We found an awesome cafe near the Catedral De Barcelona. As we were catching up and exchanging languages, we heard a huge commotion outside — drums banging, fireworks cracking, kids cheering in costumes, etc. We decided to check out what was going on. As I’m writing this, I still have no idea what event took place that night. Jacqueline had no idea either but it was fun dancing with the locals and embracing the culture.


I thought this weekend would be kind of boring since most of my friends were traveling to Paris and Rome for the weekend but it turned out to be quite eventful. There’s never a dull moment in Barcelona! 

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