Milvian Goes Abroad

Surprise! Gavin surprises Emily! All the way from Washington DC.

So my housemate, Emily, has been telling me since we’ve arrived in Barcelona that she would love if her boyfriend, Gavin, would visit her during his spring break. He would always be doubtful to her whenever the subject of him flying out here had arose.

We’ve been planning this for a few weeks now. Him flying out here, how he’d surprise her (we had a plan A & B), where he should stay, etc. He was originally supposed to fly out tonight but due to the snow storm that’s about to hit the DC area, his flight got cancelled and was able to come a day early. 

So suddenly, there was a change of plans and we never really got to follow through with plan A or B. I met up with him at the hotel he was staying at and we made our way to the outside seating at the cafe at the corner of my house. We knew Emily was heading out to class any minute so we simply just sat down and waited until we saw her walk out. Gavin was hiding with a menu over his face and everything. Lol. Meanwhile, our friend Bailey who lives nearby, came out and hid behind a tree waiting to record it all.

She walked out the house very fast and Gavin quickly got up and followed her. The video explains it all.

I’m so happy that I was able to be a part of this surprise! It was extremely hard to keep my mouth shut for three weeks and basically lie to her whenever she’d bring up the subject of him coming. I love them both and wish them the best!! :)

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